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Radiya Browser Game

On the ancient continent of Eriolleis, legions led by the chosen champions of the gods stampeded across the lands, consumed by the wild fire of desire and glory. Invasion drew near, city-states forged alliance to withstand the test of Fate and heroes compete in a race for the ultimate title of Conqueror of Radiya the Great!



Radiya is a new type of RSLG browser game that combines strategy with role-playing. In the game, player takes on the role of an alleged leader of a group of mercenaries in the medieval fantasy realm of Eriolleis. By acting as the leader, the player gets to command five different battalions and choose from hundreds of heroes and military classes, run bazaar shops, as well as participate in ruin explorations and guild activities in the process of becoming the overlord of this world.


Web Game Portal

This the game portal where XV hosts its own in-house web game(s) and jointly operates many other browser games with partners from all over Asia. Published web games and social games also call this portal their home.



Guts 2 Online

A sudden, unknown invasion from a different dimension had broken out on a peaceful school campus, quickly spreading across the city…bands of students from three high schools must take arms to combat the onslaught of disfigured mutants and other unnatural horrors to protect the mselves and save their family and friends. Will the survivors stand a chance?



Ran Online, the first free 3D MMORPG game to reach millions of players in Taiwan, has evolved into Guts 2 Online in January 2010. Continuing the story of the three original high schools in Ran Online, the students must team up with the aid of new comers in a joint-battle against the St. Augustein Corporation, or stand no chance in overcoming the mutants and unveiling the conglomerate’s conspiracy. Come and enter the world where exciting team battles, dazzling skills, metamorphic weapons and horrific monsters are just the usual dishes, pushing your “guts” to the limit!

Cronous II Online

Centuries ago, when the mighty power of the three world creators clashed with the evil forces of Maquapel, the followers of good and evil engaged in an epic warfare to determine the fate of the realm Cronous. Until today, the two sides are still deadlocked in a contest to gain control of Cronous. Mortal, will you be the one to restore peace to the world?


Cronous Online, a popular online apocalyptic fantasy game in Taiwan and the U.S. since 2008, was transformed into Cronous II Online recently. Cronous II Online, a long-performing game with upgraded special effects and sound effects, improved multi-battle system, branching plot development and a strong base of supporting gamers will undoubtedly continue to accompany many new players in the years to come.

Demon Code Online

After thousands of years of reincarnations, the war between good and evil has never ceased. The Goddess of Light does not reflect true justice and the Demon of Darkness is not necessarily evil. In a world where righteousness and rules are defined by the victors, nothing is certain. Are you willing to sell your soul to the devil in exchange for Power, Wealth, Might or Beauty? Do you wish to break free from the clutches of karma or succumb to the cycles of predestined life?


Demon Code Online is based on the popular online pulp-fiction with the same title in China. The game was produced and directed under the guidance of the original writer and developed by KongZhong Corporation, one of China’s largest game operators. This 3D fantasy MMORPG game has elegant costumes, readers’ favorite casts from the novel and weapons that grow and morph with each character level-up.


AOTP Service

The AOTP service helps businesses grow their membership base and provide payment options. With a small service fee, businesses will be able to access and maintain user accounts, verify member accounts and be granted multi-level authorization in managing authentication of their members’ online transactions and receive timely analytical reports.

AOTP uses a combination of Mobile PKI Cloud Access Authentication System based on 2G & 3G/4G Mobile Network Infrastructure and SMS text messages to run authentication services with mobile network operators in different countries. For more details, please visit AOTP’s official website.

Traditional Licensing, Joint Operation & Advertising

Developers or publishers license their titles or products to XV for servicing and publishing in designated territories.

XV hosts an interactive entertainment platform for publishers to host their products and showcase game-related accessories or sell downloads and provides billing solutions and membership integration.

Payment Gateway & Distribution Channels

XV offers a mature distribution network, including convenience store chains (CVS), wholesalers, cyber cafe's, book/video stores and our own virtual shopping mall.

Home Delivery Service

XV has its own home delivery service prepared to provide game deliveries or product services to your doors, covering the major cities in Taiwan and has an extensive channel partnership network in Asia.

Game Portals and Digital Platforms

XV has more than 2 million registered members. We run a game portal hosting both client and social games, with plans to cross into the mobile game sector. We also have an entertainment platform in the making, which will offer users a wide range of game choices, the latest multimedia content and a fun and relaxing social domain for easy interaction with different groups. Including App downloads and uploads, this will be the place for game operators, developers and associated businesses to run and sell their games and share resources.